From the harbour market to your home

We know that to offer the best quality, we need to take care of the fish from fishing to the moment we deliver it to the person that is going to cook it and make it into a great dish.

Boneless fishs

This has been our premise since Sampera was founded in Mercabarna Fish Market. From then and until now, we have carefully selected with respect the freshest fish and shellfish for the food industry: wholesalers, distributors, and restaurant businesses.

We are present in more than 30 Mediterranean harbour markets, from France to the Strait of Gibraltar.

We grow bearing in mind that we belong to nature, always prioritizing the quality of our seafood and our customers’ trust.

We can directly bring the product to your home, but we are also present at Mercabarna Fish Market, and we have recently opened up a space at Ametller Origen’s Mercat d’Autors in Barcelona.

We want to get one step closer to you, bringing the best seafood products to your home.

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